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Angusfilm Production Services

Angusfilm is a prominent, well recognized film site supervision company within the British Columbia film community.  Well known and trusted by decision makers in BC and the international marketplace,  Angusfilm consistently meets the production needs of producers and location managers.  We take a “big picture” view of the roles and responsibilities of film site supervision, promoting our client’s properties via our web-based photo library, Facebook, and our wide-ranging network of film industry professionals.  We have a proven record of increasing our client’s revenues and creating a working environment that successfully promotes return business.

Film Location Marketing

Angusfilm connects property owners to the film industry.  We market properties to film productions, providing the necessary information for all parties to make informed decisions.

Film Site Supervision

Angusfilm provides site supervision services to all the locations we represent.  Our clients understand the value of having an on-site liaison focused on protecting the interests of the property stakeholder.

Permit Liaison Services

Angusfilm provides permit liaison services to productions seeking approval for filming in BC Provincial Parks.

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Industrial & Commercial

We are continuing to add new properties to our location library.